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Hastie - Static Site Generator

Hastie is a static site generator, it processes a folder of markdown text files, applies a template, and generates an HTML site.

Example Sites

Do you use Hastie? Submit your site via PR.

Using Hastie

To use Hastie, first create a directory of source files in markdown, and specify templates to use, either pre-built or create your own. You then run hastie to smash the two together producing a site of HTML files. Upload and serve.

For the Hastie documentation site, the template files are available at themes/docs and the pages and config are in the example directory.

To generate the documentation, after downloading a binary:

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Change to hastie/example directory.
  3. Run hastie to generate.
  4. Files output to docs/ directory per hastie.json config.

Read the docs for customization and usage.


All contributions are welcome. Please use Github to submit feature requests, bug reports, documentation, or pull requests.

Thanks to all the contributors!


The project is licensed under the MIT LICENSE.