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ddopson commented Feb 8, 2013

For private repos we need auth on ALL requests, not just the ones that are writing data.

I applied your patch , and it kinda of work, but not in an useful way:

I created test1 and test2 repos. The former had 3 issues logged (2 opened and 1 closed).

When I imported, it only managed to import to Test2 the "closed" issue, and still as "opened". Did I miss something?

Oh, by reading the script, it seems that was intentional , given "state=closed".

Ok, a nice feature would be supporting importing the issue state as well, so CLOSED get imported as CLOSED, and OPEN as OPEN.

ddopson commented Feb 22, 2013

oh, crap, I think I must have checked that in by mistake. Yeah, there should be an option to do BOTH closed and open. I think what happened is I ran it once, saw it only did open issues, and then ran it a second time changing the query to "state=closed". I must have added that change to my PR by mistake.

result =
labels = json.load(StringIO(result))
return labels
def get_issues(url):
- response = urllib2.urlopen("%s/issues" % url)
+ response = request('get_issues', "%s/issues?state=closed" % url)

ddopson Feb 23, 2013

that's a bug. Didn't mean to change the query

ddopson commented Feb 23, 2013

I pushed a fix

shouldn't this be calling get_issues_closed ?

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