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Freedoom with GZDoom for Android
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Freedoom for Android

A fork of nvllsvm's GZDoom-Android port. My idea for this fork was to upgrade nvllsvn's GZDoom-Android port, fix the C/C++ engine bugs and the java app bugs, and combine it with the open-source Freedoom (freedoom1.wad and freedoom2.wad) assets to publish a completely open source android game running on the doom engine.

This "bundling" has allowed it to reach a more diverse audience of users whom either don't own Doom or are averse to having to find and copy their legally-owned Doom resource files onto their phones. It has recently passed 550,000 downloads on the Play store.

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Play store link:

APK release:

Why Freedoom?

While the Doom engine and its many spin-offs are open-sourced, most of the Doom's "assets" such as textures, sounds, and game levels are copyrighted and not legal to redistribute. The Freedoom project offers an alternative set of assets and game levels that are open-source and can be used with most Doom engines in place of the originals. In addition, Freedoom is compatible with much of the vast library of fan-made "WADs" (i.e. game levels) as indexed in the idgames archive.

Dev Blog (how I made this):

"Third-party" library versions used (update this whenever they are updated)

Roadmap (not in order)

Notes before building

A large portion of this project relies on the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) to compile C++ and C code from GZDoom and other sources for use with this app. You may need to install additional tools in your development environment before being able to build these portions successfully. For more information, please read the "Getting Started with the NDK" article from Google. To my knowledge the environment only compiles towards the ARMV7 architecture as found in smartphones and not towards x86 as found in most traditional computers. You may need to add support for x86 compilation or emulate the ARMV7 architecture to get this app working on a virtual device.


If you are running Windows, you may need to execute some of these commands using the Cygwin environment to avoid unexpected behavior. If you install Cygwin on Windows, you should make sure that the "patch" command is installed with the environment.

You may also need to add your NDK folder to your PATH or add/remove a .bat extension from a command in depending on your platform.

Building (cont.)

git submodule update --init
./gradlew assemble


Thanks to:

  • Andrew Rabert (nvllsvm) for your amazing work on the GZDoom-Android fork.
  • Emile Belanger (Beloko Games) for his work on D-Touch and the rest of the OpenGames suite.
  • The Freedoom authors for an excellent set of open-source assets. Please also look at /doom/src/main/assets/CREDITS.txt for a more complete list of these contributors.
  • Anyone else I haven't mentioned


This project is not affiliated with Doom or its publishers, Id Software or parent companies, or Bethesda. This project is not officially endorsed by the Freedoom project or GZDoom project.


Freedoom is released under a BSD-like license which can be found under /doom/src/main/assets/COPYING.txt. Most other code is GPL'd.

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