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I, Librarian Instructions


Automated installation using installers

You can download and execute installers for Windows 8, and 10 plus a DEB package and a console installer for Ubuntu, Debian, and its derivatives. An installer for Mac OS X is not available. These installers will install and/or configure Apache and PHP for you. If you don't want that, follow the instructions below to install manually.

Windows manual installation

  • A running Apache 2.4+ and PHP 7.2+ are required. Install them using a Windows installer like WAMP.
  • Edit Apache configuration file (httpd.conf). Append this at the end using Notepad and edit as needed:
Alias /librarian "C:\I, Librarian\public"
<Directory "C:\I, Librarian\public">
    AllowOverride All
    # Allow access from this computer.
    Require local
    # Allow access from intranet computers.
    Require ip 10
    Require ip 172.16 172.17 172.18 172.19 172.20
    Require ip 172.21 172.22 172.23 172.24 172.25
    Require ip 172.26 172.27 172.28 172.29 172.30 172.31
    Require ip 192.168
    # Insert Allow from directives here to allow access from the internet.
    # "Require all granted" opens access to everybody.
  • You may wish to alter who has access (e.g. to allow access from more IP numbers or domain names) - see the Apache Authentication and Authorization HOWTO for details.
  • Restart the server.
  • Unzip I, Librarian distributable files into C:\I, Librarian.
  • You may change C:\I, Librarian to any directory where you want to have I, Librarian, including an external drive.
  • Now you can access your library in a browser at
  • Optional. You can install LibreOffice and Tesseract OCR to enable importing Office files and OCR, respectively.

First use

  • Note on security: These installation instructions allow access to your library only from local computer or an internal network.
  • In order to start I, Librarian, open your web browser, and visit:
  • Replace with your static IP, or qualified server domain name, if you have either one.
  • Migrate your previous library, or create an account and head to Administrator > Software details to see if everything checks fine.
  • You should also check Administrator > Global settings to run I, Librarian the way you want.

Thank you for using I, Librarian!


  • If you used the DEB package, execute the un-installer.
  • Otherwise un-install all programs that you installed solely to use I, Librarian.
  • These may include Apache, Nginx, and PHP - using package managers like Apt, Homebrew, or Macports will make this task easier. Note: You might have other programs using these. Only remove if sure.
  • Delete I, Librarian directory.