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rolandlo commented Jun 26, 2021

Affects versions :

  • OS: Linux (doesn't matter)
  • X11 (doesn't matter)
  • Which version of libgtk do you use: 3.24.25 (doesn't matter)
  • Version of Xournal++: 1.1.0+dev
  • PPA (doesn't matter)

Describe the bug
The pdf background filename is saved in absolute mode, regardless of the mode it has been originally saved with previously. So if a document is created in attach mode,

VadimDez commented Dec 20, 2020
Bug Report or Feature Request (mark with an x)
- [ ] Regression (a behavior that used to work and stopped working in a new release)
- [ ] Bug report -> please search issues before submitting
- [ ] Feature request
- [x] Documentation issue or request

At the moment demo is completely not mobile friendly and not usable on mobile. Would be nice to have a desktop and mobile frien

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