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MLflow 0.8.2

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@dbczumar dbczumar released this 30 Jan 22:25

MLflow 0.8.2 is a patch release on top of 0.8.1 containing only bug fixes and no breaking changes or features.

Bug fixes:

  • [Python API] CloudPickle has been added to the set of MLflow library dependencies, fixing missing import errors when attempting to save models (#777, @tmielika)
  • [Python API] Fixed a malformed logging call that prevented mlflow.sagemaker.push_image_to_ecr() invocations from succeeding (#784, @jackblandin)
  • [Models] PyTorch models can now be saved with code dependencies, allowing model classes to be loaded successfully in new environments (#842, #836, @dbczumar)
  • [Artifacts] Fixed a timeout when logging zero-length files to DBFS artifact stores (#818, @smurching)

Small docs updates (#845, @stbof; #840, @grahamhealy20; #839, @wilderrodrigues)