LDAP schema and tools for Yubico YubiKey authentication
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yubikey-ldap tool

This tool simplifies the management of YubiKeys stored in LDAP
for user authentication. It can easily do the following:

* Add/Remove 'yubiKeyId' attribute to/from users
* Search for users who have a yubiKeyId assigned

That's about it, really :)

Behind the scenes it does a little more to facilitate the above:

* Autocompletes usernames
* Adds 'yubiKeyUser' objectClass to the user's record before when needed

YubiKey LDAP schema

As a prerequisite the YubiKey LDAP schema must be installed in your
server. Refer to 'ldap-schema/README' for more details.


At the moment the config file 'yubikey-ldap.conf' must be in your current
working directory at the time you launch yubikey-ldap. Later on we will
add some more intelligence and configurable config location.

Use the provided 'yubikey-ldap.conf.sample' as a template.


$HOME/yubikey-ldap # ./yubikey-ldap
Use <Ctrl+D> to exit at any time
Use <Enter> to return one level up

Enter username (<tab> to autocomplete) or YubiKey Id to manage
Username or YubiKey: test<TAB>
Username or YubiKey: test.user

Test User [test.user] has no assigned YubiKeys
(a) add / <Enter> change user
Command: a
Enter YubiKey ID (12 chars minimum, best way is to touch the key)
YubiKey ID: ccccccbhkiivinkrcvfkdkttbfjkhtvggnvdchfjkvgt

Assigning YubiKey 'ccccccbhkiiv' to 'test.user'
Commit? [Y/n] <Enter>

Test User [test.user] has 1 assigned YubiKey
  1)  ccccccbhkiiv
(a) add / (d) delete / <Enter> change user
Command: d
Test User [test.user] has 1 assigned YubiKey
  1)  ccccccbhkiiv

Enter YubiKey or the index number. Enter when done.
YubiKey to Delete: 1

Test User [test.user] has no assigned YubiKeys
(a) add / <Enter> change user
Command: <Ctrl+D>

$HOME/yubikey-ldap #


Have you found this tool useful?
Please consider a small PayPal donation at:



Michal Ludvig <michal@logix.cz>