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Poké Classic Framework

Poké Classic Framework is a replacement server and class library for Pokémon Generations 4 and 5. Poké Classic Network is the name of the server itself.

How to connect

AltWFC is configured to automatically direct you to my servers. Follow the instructions at their wiki to connect.

What works

  • GTS
  • Battle Videos
  • Dressup (PtHGSS)
  • Box uploads (PtHGSS)
  • Musical photos (BW1/2)
  • Wi-Fi Battle Tower and Subway

Direct communications are handled by AltWFC and are outside the scope of this project. They work at the time of writing but haven't been tested that thoroughly.

What doesn't

  • Trainer Rankings (PtHGSS)
  • Wi-Fi Plaza (PtHGSS)
  • Game Sync
  • Rating Battles / Competitions

What's planned

  • A much more awesome website
  • Cheat detection
  • Stat checking in a similar manner as Pokécheck
  • Game Sync (I will need help with this!)

How you can help

If there's something you want to see, the best thing is to discuss it with me and prepare a pull request. You should also check for open issues marked Help Wanted. Not all of them require programming skill.

The most significant way you can help is simply by using it. The GTS is nothing without users. Get on there and start trading!


  • Project Pokémon for most of the original fake GTS reverse engineering work, file format and data structure descriptions, and many ID number tables, including items and trendy phrases.
  • Pipian for more reverse engineering help, including the Battle Tower and Wi-fi Plaza.
  • Nagato, for help reverse engineering the Game Sync protocol.
  • Nagato and other contributors to the AltWFC project, which this project depends on for basic Nintendo WiFi fuctionality.
  • Veekun for his Pokédex and large sprites.
  • Bulbapedia for most item sprites and Generation 3 item/text conversion tables.
  • kaphotics for the Pokémon mini sprite rips from ORAS.


Pokémon application logic for Generation IV and V, including servers



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