a node.js stream implementation that consumes http mjpeg streams
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A node.js transform stream implementation that consumes http multipart mjpeg streams and emits jpegs.

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npm install mjpeg-consumer


The mjpeg-consumer isn't very useful without a writable pipe to pipe jpegs to. I've built the file-on-write stream to write a file every time write is called on it. The below example opens a stream to an IP camera, pipes the results to the mjpeg-consumer which processes the stream and emits parsed jpegs to the file-on-write writer.

var request = require("request");
var MjpegConsumer = require("mjpeg-consumer");
var FileOnWrite = require("file-on-write");

var writer = new FileOnWrite({ 
	path: './video',
	ext: '.jpg'
var consumer = new MjpegConsumer();