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This plugin transforms vim into a distraction free editor similar to writeroom or iaWriter.

Zen mode is based on Vimroom by Mike West. It has only been tested on gvim + Xubuntu


Install pathogen.vim if you haven't already done so, then simply execute:

  cd ~/.vim/bundle
  git clone git://github.com/mmai/vim-zenmode.git

Install a good looking monospaced font :

  cd ~/.font
  curl http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/download/cousine > cousine.zip
  unzip cousine.zip
  fc-cache -vf ~/.font

Configure zenmode font and colorscheme in your .vimrc :

  let g:zenmode_background = "dark"
  let g:zenmode_colorscheme = "solarized"
  let g:zenmode_font ="Cousine 12"


  • Open gvim. Expand your window if necessary
  • Switch to Zen Mode with <LEADER> + Z
  • Go Full Screen (ALT + F11 on Xubuntu)
  • Write great things
  • Quit with :qa (there are many windows to close)


  • If you plan to use Zenmode when writing markdown documents, installing vim-markdown is a good way to enhance your experience.
  • Get your document words count with :
g <CTRL>+g