A simple starter kit for talking to a roombot using javascript in a browser window
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Browswer Roombot

A starter kit for driving a roombot.

Driving The Simulator

There is an online simulator you can use to test your code at http://roombots.riesd.com/simulator. Once you have a simulation open it will tell you which channel you should connect to. Now clonse this repository to your computer and edit the index.html file like so:

<script type="text/javascript">
  var roombot_host = "roombots.riesd.com"; // LEAVE THIS THE SAME
  var channel = "<the-channel-you-get-from-the-simulator-goes-here>";

Now use your browser to open the index.html file and open your developer tools to see the websocket connection that has been opened to the simulator 👍. You should also see the simulator roomba start driving in a circle.

At this point you should see some log messages about joining the channel and maybe some heartbeat messages going back and forth. You can start editing the the javascript to change what it should do when it gets sensor updates.

Driving a Real Roombot

Real roombots always use roomba as the channel name so you can edit your index.html file and set channel = "roomba";. You will need to know the IP address of the roombot. You can check the recent bots page online. Edit your index.html file and set roombot_host = "<IP-of-the-roombot>";. Now when you open the file (or refresh) in the browser you should be connected to the real roombot.

Good luck on your driving adventures! 🎉 👍