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A C++ header-only library for creating, displaying, iterating and manipulating dates


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The ASAP date/time library for beautiful C++ code

ASAP is a small, header-only date-time library for C++11 and beyond. It is heavily inspired by my great time using momentjs to parse and display dates. ASAP has a lot of syntatic sugar to make your code look pretty both on the inside and outside :)

All ASAP examples available online at (main() starts at line 533)


  • A date/time class to handle dates and time (duh)
  • A duration class to handle unbounded periods (e.g, asap::day(1) specifies a day)
  • A period class to handle bounded periods (e.g, asap::period(asap::now(), asap::tomorrow()))
  • Lots of syntatic sugar (e.g, auto then = asap::now() + asap::week(1))
  • Literals (e.g, auto then = asap::now() + 1_year) for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years
  • Broken down duration printing (e.g, asap::days(10) prints "1 week, 3 days")
  • Range-based iteration for periods:
   for (auto x: asap::now().until(asap::tomorrow()).every(1_hour)) {
        std::cout << x << std::endl;


  • asap::datetime class docs to learn about date/time
  • asap::duration class docs will teach you about durations and their literals
  • asap::period class docs to learn about periods and date/time iterations
  • literals.h docs has the asap::literals namespace with all ASAP literals


You can either:

  • Drop the include/asap folder in your project and use it
  • Make your compiler aware of the include/asap folder and include "asap.h" in your code
  • If using CMake you can add the project subdirectory and link against it using target_link_libraries
  • Use find_package if you installed ASAP using make install or any other method
  • Download the latest release which is a single asap.h file bundled with all the classes.


ASAP is MIT licensed.


A C++ header-only library for creating, displaying, iterating and manipulating dates







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