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Modelica 3rd-party libraries

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  1. Free library for interfacing hardware drivers to Modelica models. There is support for joysticks, keyboards, UDP, TCP/IP, LCM, MQTT, shared memory, AD/DA converters, serial port and other devices.

    Modelica 61 28

  2. 📄 Modelica library for data I/O of CSV, INI, JSON, MATLAB MAT, SSV, TIR, Excel XLS/XLSX and XML files

    C 60 28

  3. Free (standard conform) library that is intended to model electrical power systems at different levels of detail both in transient and steady-state mode.

    Modelica 51 34

  4. Free library for modelling and simulation of waste water treatment plants.

    Modelica 39 36

  5. The ExternalMedia library provides a framework for interfacing external codes computing fluid properties to Modelica.Media-compatible component models.

    C++ 38 33

  6. Free library that contains models with different complexity for simulating of electric energy storages like batteries (single cells as well as stacks) interacting with loads, battery management sys…

    Modelica 37 16


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