Supported Cameras

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Type Description Added
JPEG Snapshot Image URL Since the beginning
MJPEG Motion JPEG Image stream Since the beginning
H.264 MP4 Video made by the camera 14/12/2016
Streamer v1 RTC based stream capture done by a compatible browser. Can be considered as a method for recording local cameras. Experimental : Currently streams video only, no audio. 26/12/2016
Local For USB or Integrated Cameras such as Webcams 27/12/2016

Video Recording Formats

Type Encoder Description
WebM libvpx Seems to work without fail so far. If WebM recording does not work please make sure libvpx is installed with ffmpeg
MP4 copy,libx264,libx265 libx264 and libx265 have had issues lately. copy seems to not work when timestamp is enabled. Looking to resolve asap.

Tested Cameras

Model Resolution Type Stream URL Save to Note
Alienware R15 Webcam on Firefox for Windows 640x480 Streamer Login as a Streamer WebM
LG GPad on Chrome for Android 640x480 Streamer Login as a Streamer WebM
Grandstream GXV3610-FHD 2048x1536 MJPEG /goform/stream?cmd=get&channel=0 WebM, MP4
Grandstream GXV3615 2048x1536 MJPEG /goform/stream?cmd=get&channel=0 WebM, MP4
Foscam FI9826W 1280x720 H264 /videoSub WebM, MP4
Foscam Clone 640x480 MJPEG /videostream.cgi WebM, MP4
AXIS Q6034-E 1280x720 H264 /axis-media/media.3gp WebM, MP4
AOTE IP Camera 640x480 JPEG /cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?1 WebM
HikVision DS-2CD2135F-IWS 2048x1536 H264 /Streaming/Channels/1?tcp MP4 Camera supports h265 and h265+ but has green artifacts
YI Home Camera 1280x720 H264 /ch0_0.h264 Requires a Mod to run. fritz-smh/yi-hack