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Project that demonstrates the entire animation stack present in the Uber app (android)
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Project that demonstrates the entire animation stack present in the Uber app (android)




  1. FabProgressCircle
  2. Retrofit
  3. RxAndroid
  4. ButterKnife


Transitions - For sharing elements between activities

void startTransition() {

       Intent intent = new Intent(LoginActivity.this, LoginWithPhone.class);

       Pair<View, String> p1 = Pair.create((View) ivBack, getString(R.string.transition_arrow));
       Pair<View, String> p2 = Pair.create((View) ivFlag, getString(R.string.transition_ivFlag));
       Pair<View, String> p3 = Pair.create((View) tvCode, getString(R.string.transition_tvCode));
       Pair<View, String> p4 = Pair.create((View) tvPhoneNo, getString(R.string.transition_tvPhoneNo));
       Pair<View, String> p5 = Pair.create((View) llphone, getString(R.string.transition_llPhone));

       ActivityOptionsCompat options = ActivityOptionsCompat.makeSceneTransitionAnimation(this, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5);
       startActivity(intent, options.toBundle());


ViewPagerTransformer - For performing animations when ViewPager is swiped

ViewPager.PageTransformer pageTransformer = new ViewPager.PageTransformer() {
        public void transformPage(View page, float position) {

            if (position < -1) { 

            } else if (position <= 1) { 

                   // animate here


Overlays - For creating overlays on map

 public void addOverlay(LatLng place) {

        GroundOverlay groundOverlay = mMap.addGroundOverlay(new
                .position(place, 100)


ValueAnimator - For animating overlays and polylines

ValueAnimator tAnimator = ValueAnimator.ofFloat(0, 1);
       tAnimator.setInterpolator(new LinearInterpolator());
       tAnimator.addUpdateListener(new ValueAnimator.AnimatorUpdateListener() {
           public void onAnimationUpdate(ValueAnimator valueAnimator) {
              // animate here

PolyLines - For drawing lines on map

 PolylineOptions greyOptions = new PolylineOptions();
        greyOptions.startCap(new SquareCap());
        greyOptions.endCap(new SquareCap());
        greyPolyLine = mMap.addPolyline(greyOptions);

How to use this project

Add your GoogleMaps and GooglePlaces key to google_maps_api.xml and turn on direction api from developer console -> You are good to go !

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