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update authors based on git shortlog

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1 parent 4925fd5 commit 7a110f573dd99b4b5c7450f0e42f4ddcad3bc6f3 @mjankowski mjankowski committed Sep 3, 2011
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@@ -7,5 +7,5 @@ do |s|
s.summary = 'Simple static page rendering controller'
s.description = 'Fire in the disco. Fire in the ... taco bell.'
s.files = ["MIT-LICENSE", "", "{app,config,lib}/**/*"].map { |glob| Dir[glob] }.flatten
- s.authors = ['Dan Croak', 'Matt Jankowski', 'Tammer Saleh', 'Nick Quaranto', 'Tristan Dunn', 'Chad Pytel', 'Joe Ferris']
+ s.authors = ['Matt Jankowski', 'Dan Croak', 'Nick Quaranto', 'Chad Pytel', 'Joe Ferris', 'J. Edward Dewyea', 'Tammer Saleh', 'Mike Burns', 'Tristan Dunn']

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