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Power Editor for Bitbucket

NOTICE: We've moved the issue tracker. It can now be found here.

Installation is simple. Just install the plugin using Atlassian's interface. It works right out of the box!

Need to make a quick edit to a README but don't want to go through the local workflow? Then Editor for Bitbucket (formerly Editor for Stash) is for you! Make quick changes to any of your files right in the browser! You can open a pull request or commit directly to the branch. With support for markdown preview and code folding, you won't even want to open your editor.


  • Edit files directly in the browser. Edit button on README page, on source view page, and on pull request page.
  • Add, delete or rename files in your repository.
  • Resolve merge conflicts from the UI.
  • Preview markdown changes.
  • Commit directly or create a pull request.
  • Disable direct commits in repo settings so users must create pull requests.
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