A Java based very extensible framework to evaluate the expressions (Expression Evaluator). It has support for mathematical, logical, boolean, relational and object expressions
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Application Name:* ExpressionOasis
email: mohit.gupta@vedantatree.com
web: http://www.vedantatree.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VedantaTree
twitter: @VedantaTree

The copyright to all code committed to this project repository is retained by 'VedantaTree'. All code in this 
repository is the original work of those who have, at any time, been listed as members of this project after being 
agreed to give 'VedantaTree' all intellectual property rights to their contributions.

Description/Features: Refer to Wiki home page, and Release Notes

- Application build system is based on Gradle
- Download gradle and add it to class path to run gradle commands from command prompt
- Install gradle plugin in Eclipse to use gradle build from IDE
- refer to build.gradle file for more instructions

Code samples can be found in TestEvaluator.java

Look for java documentation with source Code