A pixel font (native size 7x7) I made in a different life
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CubeSixel - A Free 7x7 Pixel Font

This is a very simple pixel font designed for use at 8pt size with no aliasing. Other sizes will prevent the pixelation from looking right.

Here's the font's character set so far:

CubeSixel glyphs at 8pt size


You can download the OpenType Font at the CubeSixel Downloads Page.


If you'd like to modify or add some glyphs to the font, I welcome your contributions! The font source is stored here in Unified Font Object (UFO) format and can be read and modified with the free font software FontForge.

The easiest way to contribute is to get a GitHub account, fork the project, and then push your changes back up. Then you can just send me a "pull request" to notify me of your work. This makes it easy for me to evaluate the changes and merge them back in!