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Update site built from the master branch is deployed here:

Update site for V1.0.0 release:

How to set a new release

In order to get a new release, you can follow these steps on each of the moliz.core, moliz.xmof, and moliz.gemoc repositories:

  • add a tag with the following convention: release.* (where the wildcard would typically be a version such as x.x.x); push it to git
  • wait for travis build to finish, this produces a zip in the release tab in github.
  • add in the lines allowing to download the new version from the release zip. (There is a similar file in each repository)
  • update the in order to reference the new update site in additon to the previous ones. (something like
  • you can now upgrade all versions in all feature.xml, MANIFEST.MF, category.xml, and pom.xml files.