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A helper tool for building large ZSH projects from source


With Zulu

zulu install zshbuild

With zplug

zplug 'molovo/zshbuild' \
    as:command, \

Manual Installation

git clone
cd zshbuild
chmod u+x zshbuild
cp zshbuild /usr/local/bin


At it's simplest, zshbuild needs to be passed a file to write to (--out) and a list of files to include as the source. zshbuild will search all files/globs passed to it, and concatenate them to the output file specified.

zshbuild --out my_app src/**/*.zsh lib/**/*.zsh


zshbuild can be passed a number of options to change the way the compiled script is built.

--out <file>

The path to the output file to be built.

zshbuild --out my_app src/**/*.zsh

--sourcemap [<file>]

When using the --sourcemap option, zshbuild will generate a sourcemap, mapping lines in the output executable to the correct file and line in the source. This can be used with tools like crash to ensure the location of functions in its output are displayed with the filename/line number in the source, rather than in the output executable.

By default, the generated sourcemap will be written to <output>.map.

# Writes sourcemap to
zshbuild --sourcemap --out my_app src/**/*.zsh

To change the location of the sourcemap, you can pass a filename to the --sourcemap option.

# Writes sourcemap to my_source_map
zshbuild --sourcemap my_source_map --out my_app src/**/*.zsh


Strips blank lines from the compiled executable.

zshbuild --strip-blank --out my_app src/**/*.zsh


Strips comments from the compiled executable.

zshbuild --strip-comments --out my_app src/**/*.zsh

--prepend <text>

Specifies text to be prepended to the start of the compiled executable

zshbuild --prepend '#!/usr/bin/env zsh' --out my_app src/**/*.zsh

--append <text>

Specifies text to be appended to the end of the compiled executable

zshbuild --append '_my_app "$@"' --out my_app src/**/*.zsh

Configuring zshbuild for your project

If your project is built with the same options each time, you can place a file called .build.yml in the root of your project, and settings will be read from this rather than having to specify the options. Here is an example .build.yml.

prepend: '#!/usr/bin/env zsh'
append: '_my_app \"$@\"' # Double quotes must be escaped

    - src/**/*.zsh
    - lib/**/*.zsh

strip_comments: true
strip_blank: true

out: my_app
sourcemap: my_app.zshbuildmap

Once you have written your config file, you can build your project by running zshbuild without any arguments. If you need to override one of the config values for a single run, you can do so by passing the corresponding option to zshbuild.


All contributions are welcome, and encouraged. Please read our contribution guidelines and code of conduct for more information.


Copyright (c) 2017 James Dinsdale (

zshbuild is licensed under The MIT License (MIT)



A helper tool for building large ZSH projects from source



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