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MonacoCoin Projet : Please use the new version : https://github.com/monacocoin-net/monoeci-core/releases

How to update to Monoeci (Server and Wallet) :

Save your wallet and your config files :

On linux : /home/YOUR NAME/.monacoCoinCore/

On Windows : C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\MonacoCoinCore\

On MacOs : /Users/YOUR NAME/Library/Application\ Support/monacoCoinCore/

If you have doubts, back up the whole directory!

  1. Close your apps

  2. Download the last version of Monoeci (cli ou wallet is the same) https://github.com/monacocoin-net/monoeci-core/releases

  3. Open Wallet or monoecid , wait 1 minute and close

  4. Go to monoeci folder :

On linux : /home/YOUR NAME/.monoeciCore/

On Windows : C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\monoeciCore\

On MacOs : /Users/YOURUSER/Library/Application\ Support/monoeciCore/

Copy paste wallet.dat and masternode.conf which come from your MonacoCoin Core directory Copy and paste monacoCoin.conf and rename it to monoeci.conf

  1. Restart your server and wait for the full sync

For linux server (Masternode):

Connect with the same user who is running monacoCoinCore

  ./monacoCoin-cli stop
  tar zcvf save.tar.gz .monacoCoinCore/
  rm -fr sentinel
  FOR UBUNTU 14.04
  wget https://github.com/monacocoin-net/monoeci-core/releases/download/0.12.2/monoeciCore-0.12.2-linux64-cli.Ubuntu14.04.tar.gz
  FOR UBUNTU 16.04
  wget https://github.com/monacocoin-net/monoeci-core/releases/download/0.12.2/monoeciCore-0.12.2-linux64-cli.Ubuntu16.04.tar.gz
  tar xvf monoeciCore-0.12.2-linux64-cli.Ubuntu14.04.tar.gz
  tar xvf monoeciCore-0.12.2-linux64-cli.Ubuntu16.04.tar.gz

Wait 1 minute (directory and wallet are being created) ans press CTRL+C to close the process and wait for the text to be back again !

cp .monacoCoinCore/wallet.dat .monoeciCore/

cp .monacoCoinCore/masternode.conf .monoeciCore/

cp .monacoCoinCore/monacoCoin.conf .monoeciCore/monoeci.conf

git clone https://github.com/monacocoin-net/sentinel.git 

cd sentinel/

virtualenv ./venv

./venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

cd ..


Now wait for the full sync and if you have a masternode use :

./monoeci-cli masternode start