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This is the repository for managing the Mondo Disease Ontology (Mondo). Mondo aims to harmonizes disease definitions across the world. For more details on this ontology see:


Stable release versions

See for more details

Editors' version

Editors of this ontology should use the edit version, src/ontology/mondo-edit.obo

Read the editors guide first!


  • src/


The Mondo logo is available here:


Mondo: Unifying diseases for the world, by the world, Nicole A Vasilevsky, Nicolas A Matentzoglu, Sabrina Toro, Joseph E Flack IV, Harshad Hegde, Deepak R Unni, Gioconda F Alyea, Joanna S Amberger, Larry Babb, James P Balhoff, Taylor I Bingaman, Gully A Burns, Orion J Buske, Tiffany J Callahan, Leigh C Carmody, Paula Carrio Cordo, Lauren E Chan, George S Chang, Sean L Christiaens, Louise C Daugherty, Michel Dumontier, Laura E Failla, May J Flowers, H. Alpha Garrett Jr., Jennifer L Goldstein, Dylan Gration, Tudor Groza, Marc Hanauer, Nomi L Harris, Jason A Hilton, Daniel S Himmelstein, Charles Tapley Hoyt, Megan S Kane, Sebastian Köhler, David Lagorce, Abbe Lai, Martin Larralde, Antonia Lock, Irene López Santiago, Donna R Maglott, Adriana J Malheiro, Birgit H M Meldal, Monica C Munoz-Torres, Tristan H Nelson, Frank W Nicholas, David Ochoa, Daniel P Olson, Tudor I Oprea, David Osumi-Sutherland, Helen Parkinson, Zoë May Pendlington, Ana Rath, Heidi L Rehm, Lyubov Remennik, Erin R Riggs, Paola Roncaglia, Justyne E Ross, Marion F Shadbolt, Kent A Shefchek, Morgan N Similuk, Nicholas Sioutos, Damian Smedley, Rachel Sparks, Ray Stefancsik, Ralf Stephan, Andrea L Storm, Doron Stupp, Gregory S Stupp, Jagadish Chandrabose Sundaramurthi, Imke Tammen, Darin Tay, Courtney L Thaxton, Eloise Valasek, Jordi Valls-Margarit, Alex H Wagner, Danielle Welter, Patricia L Whetzel, Lori L Whiteman, Valerie Wood, Colleen H Xu, Andreas Zankl, Xingmin Aaron Zhang, Christopher G Chute, Peter N Robinson, Christopher J Mungall, Ada Hamosh, Melissa A Haendel, medRxiv 2022.04.13.22273750; doi:


CC-BY 4.0


Please use this GitHub repository's Issue tracker to request new terms/classes or report errors or specific concerns related to the ontology.


This ontology repository was created using the ontology starter kit