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Simple and clean gtk theme
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New build option implemented in 1.16 - gtk2-solid-menu, by default it is turned off. Looks bad in Gnome, but provides better expirience for Xfce/Sway users. Screenshot from Xfce with comparison. Installation section updated with option description.


Simple and clean gtk theme, based on original Adwaita.
Supported desktop environments: gnome 3.28+, xfce 4.12+.
Theme also provides Lounge-aux icon theme - auxiliary set of symbolic icons for better user experience.


Fedora users can install theme via copr:
sudo dnf copr enable monday15/lounge
sudo dnf install lounge-gtk-theme

Fedora users will get Lounge-aux as a weak dependency with Adwaita as a main icon theme, for other icon themes - build theme with custom icon-theme option.

meson (0.45+)
gtk-murrine-engine (gtk2-engines-murrine for debian/ubuntu).

gtk-murrine-engine only needed for xfce theme and Lounge-night gtk2 theme.

  • Download and decompress source tarball (or clone repository);

  • Build theme:
    meson build

    Additional options are availiable, to use them add -D before option name and set value after: -Doption='value', quotes needed only if value has multiple words separated by space. For example,
    meson build -Dshell-font='Liberation Sans' -Dicon-theme=Suru -Dgtk2-solid-menu=true
    builds gnome-shell theme with Liberation Sans font, Lounge-aux icon theme that will inherit icons from Suru icon theme and with gtk2 theme fixes for Xfce desktop.

    Option Description
    gtk2-solid-menu Use solid border for menus in gtk2 theme - highly recommended option for Xfce/Sway users, but looks bad in GNOME; can be true or false (default: false)
    icon-theme Specify main icon theme for Lounge-aux (default: Adwaita)
    icons Install Lounge-aux, can be true or false (default: true)
    shell-font Specify font for gnome-shell theme (default: Roboto)
  • Install theme:
    sudo ninja -C build install


Flatpak apps support available via Flathub:
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak install flathub org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Lounge
flatpak install flathub org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Lounge-night


Use regular installation instructions, old files will be overwritten with a new ones.


Remove installation folders:


GPLv3+, see LICENSE file.
Original themes/styles copyrights are in COPYRIGHT file.


Report bugs to issues page.


Allan Day, dcbaker, Emmanuele Bassi, horst3180, nana-4, NicoHood, Sam Hewitt, Thibault Saunier, tista500, vinceliuice, ZMA, all people in copyright file, Gnome developers and maintainers, Fedora developers and maintainers, Greybird theme developers, Meson developers, Yaru theme developers.


Absolute gtk2 theme, Adapta theme, Adwaita gtk2 theme, Adwaita gtk3 theme, gnome-shell theme, Materia theme, Yaru theme.
List of applications (their original css styles used in the theme): Gedit, Nautilus.




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