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Releases: monero0/monero0

v0.1.0 Monero 0

30 Mar 22:35
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This is the first release of Monero 0. has been rewritten for Monero 0
Seeds have been updated to Monero 0 seeds
Check for hard forks and the resulting log messages have been disabled
The 'donate' command has been updated to Monero 0 developer funding address

v0.0.1 Monero 0 Initial Pre-release

30 Mar 22:36
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This a pre-release for Monero 0

Binaries are from Monero v11.1.0 without any changes. Seeds have not been updated so you may need to run monerod with argument “--add-peer IP_ADDRESS” where IP_ADDRESS is one of our nodes listed below in order to find Monero 0 peers).

The "donate" command will also donate to the Monero Project donation address and not to the Monero 0 donation address.

Proper release with updated seeds and donation address will be incoming