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multiple belkin wemos switch emulator using ESP8266
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Home automation -> Alexa + ESP32 to control lights, switches

"Alexa, turn living room lights on"

This one works without cloud service - it is local only since it emulates Wemo switch. (aka "Arduino Esp32 Alexa Wemo switch emulator", (!))

This project is completly based on the forked repo done by witnessmenow and forked repo kakopappa. ALL CREDITS ACCTUALLY GO TO THEM! Only thing changed is that it works with ESP32. I didnt have time to set flag (#define)... (sorry)

Modified instructions:

This library enables your esp32 to simulate a Belkin Wemo switch. It can be discovered as a device by your Amazon Echo/Dot on the Smart home section. It supports calling the emulated device a custom name e.g. "Alexa, turn off test lights", where test lights is the custom name

The library supports emulating up to 14 switches using 1 ESP32 chip. (Can do even more but ... who needs more than that)


The downloaded code can be included as a new library into the IDE selecting the menu:

 Sketch / include Library / Add .Zip library

Restart the Arduino IDE and follow the examples located at

 File -> Examples -> Esp32AlexaWemoEmulator

Note: you might need     

Activating and using with Amazon Echo Dot / Alexa

After uploading sketch to microcontroler (and waiting a few seconds to let it connect to local WiFI, say:

"Alexa, discover devices!"

Alexa should find as many switches you configured, and should know them by names you defined in code. If you name some switch as "Living room light" you can say:

"Alexa, turn living room lights on"

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