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Managed by Monitoring Artist: DevOps / Docker / Kubernetes / AWS ECS / Zabbix / Zenoss / Terraform / Monitoring

Zabbix on Kubernetes

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Overview of Monitoring Artist (dockerized) monitoring ecosystem:

Zabbix on multinode Kubernetes cluster - architecture:

  • zabbix-web: service + replication controller with 1+ replicas
  • zabbix-server: service + replication controller with 1 replica
  • zabbix-db: service + replication controller with 1 replica

It's the only concept! Zabbix-db pod uses ephemeral in memory storage! Customize yaml files for your environment.

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YAML files:

  • zabbix-all-in-one-bare-metal.yaml:

Zabbix infrastructure on bate metal Kubernetes cluster (GCE - Google Computer Engine can be used eventually). It needs own load balancer. Recommended [HAProxy Kubernetes loadbalancer] (

  • zabbix-all-in-one-gke.yaml:

Zabbix infrastructure on Google Container Engine Kubernetes cluster. Cloud network balancing is used.

  • grafana-with-zabbix-datasource.yaml:

Grafana XXL with Zabbix datasource.

Zabbix Kubernetes Service/Replication controller schema

Zabbix on Kubernetes schema

Runnig Zabbix infrastructure on Kubernetes:

kubectl create -f zabbix-all-in-one-bare-metal.yaml
kubectl get svc,rc,po | grep zabbix

Zabbix/Grafana Kubernetes cluster on Google Container Engine (GKE): ScreenShot

Used Docker images

Please visit projects of used Docker images for more details (configuration, etc.):


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📦 Kubernetes Zabbix/Grafana cluster (bare metal, Google Computer Engine - GCE, Google Container Engine - GKE)





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