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Domain name permutation engine for detecting typo squatting, phishing and corporate espionage
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Find similar-looking domain names that adversaries can use to attack you. Can detect typosquatters, phishing attacks, fraud and corporate espionage. Useful as an additional source of targeted threat intelligence.




Command util

This project provides a cli tool.

For example, use as a target:

node cli.js --target --format csv --out-put qq.csv -c 10 --modules whois,banners,mxcheck,geoip


  • --target <domain> target domain name or URL to check
  • -o --out-put <file> Output filename
  • -f --format <type> Output format (JSON|CSV) [JSON]
  • -c --concurrency <num> start specified NUMBER of concurrency
  • --modules <module> Enable modules (whois|banners|mxcheck|ssdeep|geoip)
  • --nameservers <nameservers> comma separated list of nameservers to query
  • --dictionary <file> generate additional domains using dictionary FILE
  • --registered show only registered domain names (TODO)
  • --can-register show only can register domain names (TODO)



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