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A library implementing several standard data structures and utilities, in JavaScript. Its written and tested using Node.js which is the target platform.

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This is a collection of different data structures and utilities, implemented in JavaScript. Its written and tested using Node.js which is also the target platform.

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  • Maps

    • Sorted Maps

      Maps sorted according to natural ordering of keys or by comparator function provided at creation time. Two different backing stores are available
    • Tries

      Map optimized for prefix searching on string keys
    • Multi-Valued

      Map supporting multiple values for a key
  • Queues

  • Utilities

    • LRU Cache with Stats

      Google Guava inspired LRU cache. [Reference: Google Guava](]. In-memory LRU cache implementation for Node, inspired by Google Guava Loading Cache . The cache is simpler since it doesn't have to deal with concurrent threads, but other functionality of Guava cache are captured like
    • BitSet

      - An array of bits with operations to set, examine and clear individual bits
    • CircularBuffer

      - A data structure that uses a single, fixed-size buffer as if it were connected end-to-end. When the buffer is filled, new data is written starting at the beginning of the buffer and overwriting the old.
    • BTree

      - Self balancing generalized Search Tree


    npm install dsjslib

Current version 0.6.8 is stable and thoroughly tested on Node v0.10

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