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CocosSharp samples
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AirHockey Update Dec 9, 2014
AngryNinjas/src Code styling and beautifully code in AngryNinjas example Jun 16, 2015
AudioSample Add AudioSample to CocosSharp samples. The sample allows for testing … Jul 26, 2015
CSLilyPath Update to use nuget gallery v1.6.0.0 Sep 17, 2015
CocosSharpBox2d Update to use CocosSharp v1.6.0 from nuget gallery Sep 17, 2015
DrawNodeBuffer Add sample demonstrating how to create a custom class that will buffe… Aug 31, 2015
DynamicTextures Update version requirements Sep 12, 2015
GoneBananas GoneBananas: use CCScene.SetDefaultDesignResolution Mar 25, 2015
GoneBananas2 Add TextField sample for Android, iOS and WP8.1 Aug 31, 2015
MultipleViewports Add support for auto restore of NuGet packages for the MultipleViewpo… Jan 30, 2015
RocketThrough Fixed RocketThought example to work with CCDrawNode Jun 16, 2015
RotateAroundCustomAction Update Apr 16, 2015
SkyDefense Update Dec 9, 2014
SneakyJoystick Fixed Sneaky Joystick to work with CCDrawNode Jun 16, 2015
Spine Add new VS spine portable example that includes projects for Android,… Jul 6, 2015
TextField Add TextField sample for Android, iOS and WP8.1 Aug 31, 2015
TileMapTest.iOS Add test for loading TileMap from StreamReader issue mono/CocosSharp#134 Feb 12, 2015
TileMapTest Added user submitted test TileMap resources. Feb 2, 2015
.gitignore Fixing dispatch changes. Jul 5, 2014 Add link to F# samples code from TalBeno Apr 12, 2015

CocosSharp Samples

Here you will find Samples using CocosSharp, an easy to use library for simple games using C# and F#.

CocosSharp can be found here:

There are some F# samples from TalBeno here:

This library is MIT licensed.


This project is open source, freely available, and free of royalties or encumberance. The software is released under the highly permissive MIT License.


If your samples use the NuGet packages make sure they are cleaned of all references of the package before committing.

This will keep our repo clean and smaller for other developers.

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