django module to manage ticketing between users and staff
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This is a django plugin to manage ticketing between the users and the staff. In a simple, easy and usefull way.

Installation and setup

To install just

pip install simpletickets
Module Set Up

Add "simpletickets" to your installed apps:


Add simpletickets urls on one of your files:

from simpletickets import urls as ticket_urls

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^tickets/', include(ticket_urls)),

After the installation is completed and set up in your project, remember to migrate the database!

python migrate

Module Config

Simpletickets runs out of the box, but you can fine tune it to satisfy your project exact needings.

To do do there are some variables that can be set up in your settings file/s: (The shown assigments are the default values)

ST_DELTA_CLOSE is the timedelta between the moment the ticket is marked as solved by an staff member until it changes to closed without the owner reopening it.

Once the item is closed it can not be reopened again, the user has to create a new ticket for more support.

ST_DELTA_CLOSE = timedelta(hours=6)

TICKET MONITOR The ticket monitor is a supervision feature, there you can see all and every change the model object has sufered since created until finaly been closed.

The next two variables config if you want the staff or the owner to be able to download this file for every ticket in their lists.


GROUPS simpletickets shows the list of tickets deppending on what group they belong, you can configure those groups with this two variables:

ST_STAFF_GNAME = 'simpleticket_staff'
ST_ADMIN_GNAME = 'simpleticket_admin'

Staff is the regular ticket staff member and admin are (you guessed) administrators.

You can use this single time command to create the groups if you havent done that already.

python st_create_groups

These are the configuration variables that modify the models in your system, Understand that ST_TCKT_TYPE, ST_TCKT_SEVERITY and ST_TCKT_STATE are modification of the database models and so in this case a migration will be needed!

ST_ATTACHMENTS is the folder's name where the ticket's attachments will be uploaded to


The next 3 configuration variables are the most commonly changed in the module, i have left some digits in the tuples empty by purpose, maybe this setup can work for 80% of the sites out there, but im sure you can fill up the voids with you special needs, feel free to do that in those blank spaces.

Of course you can override the whole thing with you special needs, in that case you will have to fix all the now broken logic passed to the templates and create the templates yourself.

Ok straigt to the variables.

ST_TCKT_TYPE is the different kind of tickets, im sure it will vary a lot from site to site, feel free to configurate the spaces between the 1, 2 and 8, 9

    (1, _(u'Inform about an error')),
    (2, _(u'Problem')),
    (8, _(u'Propose a sugestion')),
    (9, _(u'Others')),

ST_TCKT_SEVERITY is as guessed the severity of the ticket from lowest priority to the higuest ones.

    (1, _(u'Low')),
    (2, _(u'Normal')),
    (5, _(u'important')),  # can be changed
    (8, _(u'very important')),
    (9, _(u'Critical')),


In this case it is the different states the ticket can have: Only the owner can create tickets, and will be marked as new (and red hued in the template). Once a staff member opens the ticket its asigned (brown hued) to himself, now the staff can leave it as asigned to himself, scale asigning it to other staff member or go straight to solve the problem and marking it as in progress (blue hued). 'in progress' is all the time between the staff member commences working on it untill its completly solved. Once solved (greyed out) unless the owner reopens it, it will be finaly marked as closed until the ST_DELTA_CLOSE passes.

    (1, _(u'new')),
    (2, _(u'assigned')),
    (5, _(u'in progress')),  # can be changed
    (8, _(u'solved')),
    (9, _(u'closed')),

Currently simpletickets comes with a barebones version of twitter bootstrap, you can of course use your own templates, if so please ignore the next settings.

BASE_TEMPLATE is the base template where the tickets will be shown

BASE_TEMPLATE = 'index.html'

In that template there should be a template block named 'simpletickets' where you want the tickets to be shown.

{% block simpletickets %}
{% endblock simpletickets %}

The next 5 variables config if you want the different boxes (main taskbar or the statistic) to be shown for staff and/or owner.