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hardware plate drawings Apr 25, 2015


mk / monome kit: complete sources

2010. monome. brian crabtree.


bootloader licensed gnu gpl:
firmwares licensed cc by-nc-na:
hardware schematics and boards licensed cc by-nc-na:

most of these files are for non-commercial use-- please contact us
directly with questions or discussion. we're reasonable people.

please share any modifications you make! the community grows
stronger with your participation.


firmware descriptions:

important note: folders with a "-old" in the name are intended for use with old 40h grids, which require a rotated orientation when tiling multiple grids together. the code performs this rotation. do not use the "-old" firmwares with new mk grids.

default > the normal, most basic firmware. no auxiliary function.
encoders > includes support for 8 encoders, hooked up to the aux port. see docs for hookup.
tilt > support for tilt sensor, x/y hooked up to port A 0/1. see docs.