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Less css compiler plugin for the leiningen (clojure) build tool
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This is a Leiningen plugin that will compile Less CSS files (see using the less.js compiler running on the JVM. lein-less is ideal for compiling Less CSS files during automated builds: compilation happens as part of your regular leiningen build without requiring any tools or configuration other than your leiningen project file.


This plugin is only tested against recent versions of leiningen and clojure. Works with Java 7 or Java 8.


To install the plugin, add [lein-less "1.7.5"] to your project.clj file:

  :plugins [[lein-less "1.7.5"]]

The plugin will compile .less files found in your leiningen project's resource directories.

To compile .less files once:

lein less once

To continuously compile .less files whenever a file changes:

lein less auto


You can configure different behaviour by adding a :less map to your leiningen project:

  :less {:source-paths ["src/main/less"]
         :target-path "target/public/css"}

If you want less compilation to happen on regular lein targets (e.g. compile), add leiningen.less to your leiningen project file's hooks:

  :hooks [leiningen.less]


Copyright © 2015 Montoux Ltd.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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