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MDL-27395 Improved detection of the course grade_category on restore

Note this was applied months ago to 21 and master (MDL-28152),
but due to one miss-interpretation by this integrator (stronk7),
I missed to backport it to 20_STABLE where the problem was
also reproducible.

So, here it is, the fix is trivial, safe and proved to work.
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commit 3e26be86dff5978a6c0d164499ce8be3263e9b44 1 parent 2d5dc5f
@mudrd8mz mudrd8mz authored stronk7 committed
Showing with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
  1. +1 −0  backup/moodle2/restore_stepslib.php
1  backup/moodle2/restore_stepslib.php
@@ -236,6 +236,7 @@ protected function process_grade_category($data) {
//get the already created course level grade category
$category = new stdclass();
$category->courseid = $this->get_courseid();
+ $category->parent = null;
$coursecategory = $DB->get_record('grade_categories', (array)$category);
if (!empty($coursecategory)) {

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