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MDL-31166 do not try to cleanup data root paths in CLI install script

PARAM_TYPE can not be used for full OS paths. Admins have to enter correct data there, if not they get directory creation error.
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commit 45d88e56cbc0ef02c5fbc35a05cdcda8bdc19150 1 parent f70f6e9
@skodak skodak authored
Showing with 1 addition and 6 deletions.
  1. +1 −6 admin/cli/install.php
7 admin/cli/install.php
@@ -337,12 +337,7 @@
//We need dataroot before lang download
-$dataroot = clean_param($options['dataroot'], PARAM_PATH);
-if ($dataroot !== $options['dataroot']) {
- $a = (object)array('option' => 'dataroot', 'value' => $options['dataroot']);
- cli_error(get_string('cliincorrectvalueerror', 'admin', $a));
-$CFG->dataroot = $dataroot;
+$CFG->dataroot = $options['dataroot'];
if ($interactive) {
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