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New string: All Pending Orders

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1 parent 2456a9f commit 5f118ae0dd906cc51b1824e52f93825a01f32ae7 ethem committed Oct 30, 2006
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@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@
$string['adminpendingorders'] = 'You have disabled scheduled-capture feature.<br />Total $a->count transactions with a status of \'Authorized/Pending Capture\' will be cancelled unless you check it.<br />To accept/deny payments go to <a href=\'$a->url\'>Payment Management</a> page.';
$string['adminreview'] = 'Review order before processing the credit card.';
$string['adminteachermanagepay'] = 'Teachers can manage the payments of the course.';
+$string['allpendingorders'] = 'All Pending Orders';
$string['amount'] = 'Amount';
$string['anlogin'] = ' Login name';
$string['anpassword'] = ' Password';

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