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…t blank line usage - bug #6231
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@@ -9,6 +9,12 @@
<p>The text encoding of your text file must be utf-8 (unless you only use ascii characters).
An example questions text file can be found here: <a href="<?php echo $CFG->wwwroot; ?>/question/format/gift/examples.txt">gift/examples.txt</a>.</p>
+<p>Each individual question in the GIFT file must not contain any blank lines. Each question is delimited by
+ at least one blank line. If you need to represent a blank line in your question you can use
+ the entity <b>\n</b>. You can use comments wherever you wish but they must start with two forward
+ slashes (<b>//</b>) at the start of the line.</p>
@@ -147,12 +153,9 @@
<p>Note that the last two examples are essentially the same question, first as multiple choice and then as short answer.</p>
<p><font size="-1">Note that it is possible to specify percentage answer weights that are NOT
- available through the browser interface. Such answer-weights will calculate correctly
- (according to the value assigned when imported), and will appear normal to students taking the test.
- But such answer-weights will not display correctly to teachers when editing them through Moodle's
- Edit Question interface. The pull-down menu only allows certain fixed values, and if the answer-weight
- does not exactly match one of those predetermined values, then it will not display correctly.
- If you edit such a question through the browser interface, the answer weight will change to that displayed.</font></p>
+ available through the browser interface. The <b>Match Grades</b> drop-down on the import
+ page determines how these are handled. You can either request that an error be reported
+ or that the answer weight be adjusted to the nearest valid answer weight.</font></p>
<p><u>Specify text-formatting for the question</u><br />
The question text (only) may have an optional text format specified. Currently the available formats are

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