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MDL-32735 add missing message provider info for unmaintained enrol_au…

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1 parent 8075bd8 commit fee082d56c9333d21a7cbeb33adbf9fd1a3f22b8 @skodak skodak committed
1  enrol/authorize/lang/en/enrol_authorize.php
@@ -144,6 +144,7 @@
$string['isbusinesschecking'] = 'Is business checking?';
$string['logindesc'] = 'This option must be ON. <br /><br />Please ensure that you have turned <a href="{$a->url}">loginhttps ON</a> in Admin >> Variables >> Security.<br /><br />Turning this on will make Moodle use a secure https connection just for the login and payment pages.';
$string['logininfo'] = 'When configuring your Authorize.Net account, the login name is required and you must enter <strong>either</strong> the transaction key <strong>or</strong> the password in the appropriate box. We recommend you enter the transaction key due to security precautions.';
+$string['messageprovider:authorize_enrolment'] = 'Authorize.Net enrolment messages';
$string['methodcc'] = 'Credit card';
$string['methodccdesc'] = 'Select credit card and accepted types below';
$string['methodecheck'] = 'eCheck (ACH)';
2  enrol/authorize/version.php
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL') || die();
-$plugin->version = 2011112901; // The current plugin version (Date: YYYYMMDDXX)
+$plugin->version = 2011112902; // The current plugin version (Date: YYYYMMDDXX)
$plugin->requires = 2011112900; // Requires this Moodle version
$plugin->component = 'enrol_authorize'; // Full name of the plugin (used for diagnostics)
$plugin->cron = 180;

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