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Java GameStream client for PC (Discontinued in favor of Moonlight Qt)
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The Java-based PC client is discontinued and not compatible with GeForce Experience v3.12 and later. Please use the new native PC client instead for streaming to PCs.


Moonlight is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream, as used by the NVIDIA Shield, but built for Linux/OS X/Windows.

Moonlight-pc allows you to stream your full collection of Steam games from your powerful desktop to another PC or laptop running Linux/OS X/Windows.

Moonlight also has versions for Android and iOS.


  • Streams Steam and all of your games from your PC to your Linux/OS X/Windows machine
  • Keyboard and Mouse support
  • Full support for Xbox 360 controllers, PS3 and PS4 controllers, and other HID gamepads
  • Full Windows, OS X, and Linux Support
  • Use mDNS to scan for compatible GeForce Experience (GFE) machines on the network
  • Choose from your list of available games instead of just launching Steam



  • GFE compatible computer with GTX 600/700 series GPU (for the PC from which you're streaming)
  • High-end wireless router (802.11n dual-band recommended) or wired network


  • Ensure your machines are on the same network
  • Turn on Shield Streaming in the GFE settings
  • In Moonlight, enter your PC's IP or Hostname and click "Pair".
  • Accept the pairing confirmation on your PC
  • For gamepad support, make sure you've mapped your controller in the Options -> Gamepad Settings menu.
  • In Moonlight, click "Start Streaming"
  • Play games!

To launch Moonlight from a command line:

  • java -jar moonlight-[os].jar -host address [options]
  • -host [address] the address to connect to. This can be a hostname or ip address.
  • -pair [address] the address to pair to. This can be a hostname or ip address.
  • -fs launch in full screen
  • -720 use 1280x720 resolution (default)
  • -1080 use 1920x1080 resolution
  • -30fps use 30 fps stream (default)
  • -60fps use 60 fps stream

For example, to launch a game from your gaming rig that has the address on your home network in full screen, 720p, and 30fps on a 64-bit Windows computer, your command would look like to java -jar moonlight-win64.jar -host -fs -720 -30fps


This project is being actively developed at XDA Developers

  1. Fork us
  2. Write code
  3. Send Pull Requests

Check out our website for project links and information.


Moonlight is the work of students at Case Western and was started as a project at MHacks.

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