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Moonlight is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream, as used by the NVIDIA Shield. We reverse engineered the Shield streaming software and created a version that can be run on any Android device.

Moonlight will allow you to stream your full collection of games from your Windows PC to your Android device, whether in your own home or over the internet.

Moonlight-pc is also currently in development for Windows, OS X and Linux. Versions for iOS and Windows and Windows Phone are also in development.

Check our wiki for more detailed information or a troubleshooting guide.


  • Streams any of your games from your PC to your Android device
  • Full gamepad support for MOGA, Xbox 360, PS3, OUYA, and Shield
  • Automatically finds GameStream-compatible PCs on your network



  • GameStream compatible computer with GTX 600/700 series GPU
  • Android device running 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher
  • High-end wireless router (802.11n dual-band recommended)


  • Turn on GameStream in the GFE settings
  • If you are connecting from outside the same network, turn on internet streaming
  • When on the same network as your PC, open Moonlight and tap on your PC in the list
  • Accept the pairing confirmation on your PC
  • Tap your PC again to view the list of apps to stream
  • Play games!


This project is being actively developed at XDA Developers

  1. Fork us
  2. Write code
  3. Send Pull Requests


  • Install Android Studio and the Android NDK
  • Run ‘git submodule update --init --recursive’ from within moonlight-android/
  • In moonlight-android/, create a file called ‘’. Add an ‘ndk.dir=’ property to the file and set it equal to your NDK directory.
  • Build the APK using Android Studio


Moonlight is the work of students at Case Western and was started as a project at MHacks.