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Recommended plugins

Right click on the plugin name and select “Install this plugin”.

Install from context menu

Icon Name Description Author
Github helper Helps you to install plugin from github mooz
Yet Another Twitter Client KeySnail Make KeySnail behave like twitter client mooz
Clipboard observer Observe clipboard, automatically open urls mooz
Hatebnail Manipulate hatena bookmark extension from KeySnail! mooz
Builtin command as Ext Use builtin commands from M-x! mooz
Site local keymap Define keybindings by each site, prefer certain sites shortcut keys mooz
Unfu*k your enemies Override the content type. Death to false text/plain! mooz
HoK Hit a hint for KeySnail mooz, myuhe
Excite Translation client Translation (ja, en, etc…) gongo
Weather Information Client on KeySnail Display weather infomation of Japan gongo
K2Emacs Edit textareas using an external editor myuhe
Controller for Niconico Douga Control Niconico Douga via KeySnail Tomohiko KOSAKA
Caret hint Move caret by hitting hints mooz
Tanything Manipulate tabs using anything.el like interface myuhe
Scrollet! Provides various scroll commands and mark system (similar to register in Emacs) mooz
bmany Search bookmarks incrementally and go! mooz
Metaplus Make ESC, C-[ and any key behave as Meta mooz
Keydledo Keydledo – Toodledo client myuhe
Xbookmark integrate SBM tool. Google bookmarks delicious and more!! myuhe
kungfloo Manipulate Tombloo with keyboard. Reblog it quickly. mooz
Dynamic Macro Here comes Dynamic Macro. Detect duplicated deeds. Repeat it easily. mooz
KKK Kill keydown and keyup event on certain sites. mooz
Dark Theme for KeySnail Dark Theme for KeySnail. mooz
Set Mac Set mark with Ctrl-Space in Mac. mooz
NoScript Cooperation Manipulate NoScript with KeySnail mooz
TabSnail Manipulate Tree Style Tab with KeySnail gifnksm
TabGroup ElcreenLike Manipulate TabGroups Manager with KeySnail shiba_yu36
dlbsnail Manipulate Download Statusbar with KeySnail satoudosu
JSReference Consult a JS Reference azu
History from KeySnail Search history incremental 958
RILnail Manipulate Read It Later with KeySnail 958
Find Find from KeySnail 958
LDRCnail Cooperates with LDRize and Minibuffer. 958
content focus focus to content with onload event basyura
LinkDownloads Download from links. azu
displayLastModified Diplay the last modified date azu
Heavens Door for Scala Search ScalaDoc and open the code with editor maeda-
Heavens Door for .NET Search .NET document and open the code with editor maeda-
Heavens Door for Java Search JavaDoc and open the code with editor maeda-
refcontrol control referrer 958
Firebugnail Manipulate Firebug with KeySnail 958
Div Scroller scroll to the div element 958
Google Web History from KeySnail Google Web History from KeySnail 958
Google Tasks Google Tasks from KeySnail 958
Dig url Go up to or 10sr
radikox Control radikox firefox extension from keysnail 10sr
query-replace Emulate query-replace behavior of Emacs in a textarea mooz
Color Theme Solarized Yet another color theme for KeySnail inspired by Solarized mooz
S3. Dlbsnail Work with S3. Download Statusbar gardejo (MORIYA Masaki)
Navigate Relations Move through previous,next and upper related pages with , and ^ kidd (Raimon Grau)
macOS option key as Meta Use option key as meta key instead of command key katsusuke

Want more plugins?

There are plugin repositories in the github.

If you wrote plugins, please inform me and I will insert the link to this page.

github helper

By installing github helper plugin, you can install KeySnail plugin easily from github. Right click the link below and select ‘Install this plugin’.

Right click and select ‘Install this plugin’

Dialog will appear

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