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iOS Material Design Library

Inspired by Material Design guideline from Google.


  • Change background color with shape animation
  • Perform transition animation between two views



Clone the repo and run the project.


Now there is only one interesting category UIView+MaterialDesign. Instance methods:

- (void)mdInflateAnimatedFromPoint:(CGPoint)point backgroundColor:(UIColor *)backgroundColor duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration completion:(void (^)(void))block;
- (void)mdDeflateAnimatedToPoint:(CGPoint)point backgroundColor:(UIColor *)backgroundColor duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration completion:(void (^)(void))block;

These methods allow you to change background color of a view using shape animation from any point, for example - touch, UISwitch or UIControl center.

Example for UIControl:

- (void)buttonAction:(UIControl *)sender event:(UIEvent *)event {
	CGPoint position = [[[event allTouches] anyObject] locationInView:self.subview];
	[self.subview mdInflateAnimatedFromPoint:position backgroundColor:[self randomColor] duration:0.33 completion:nil];

Static methods: ``` objc + (void)mdInflateTransitionFromView:(UIView *)fromView toView:(UIView *)toView originalPoint:(CGPoint)originalPoint duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration completion:(void (^)(void))block;
  • (void)mdDeflateTransitionFromView:(UIView *)fromView toView:(UIView *)toView originalPoint:(CGPoint)originalPoint duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration completion:(void (^)(void))block;

``` objc
- (void)showDetailsAction:(UIButton *)sender event:(UIEvent *)event {
	CGPoint exactTouchPosition = [[[event allTouches] anyObject] locationInView:self.viewOne];
	[UIView mdInflateTransitionFromView:self.viewOne toView:self.viewTwo originalPoint:exactTouchPosition duration:0.7 completion:nil];

These methods perform transition like UIView method:

[UIView transitionFromView:fromView toView:toView duration:duration options:UIViewAnimationOptionBeginFromCurrentState completion:nil];

but with shape animation from given point.

You could use this functinoality with any `UIView` instance without subclassing, cool, isnt'it? Source code is simple, customize, use, add merge requests!

#Licence MIT

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