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RN app that allows sign in and sign up against graphql backend. See compatible backend starter projects.
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A React Native app with Apollo Client. This is a minimal react native app. It uses expo and is unejected. It uses react navigation and has the minimal code needed to demonstrate log in, sign up and log out.

Family of universal fullstack repositories:

Server Applications:

Client Applications:

Features of Client + Server

  • React (create-react-app) with Apollo Client
    • Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions
  • Node.js with Express and Apollo Server
    • cursor-based Pagination
  • PostgreSQL Database with Sequelize or MongoDB
    • entities: users, messages
  • Authentication
    • powered by JWT and local storage
    • Sign Up, Sign In, Sign Out
  • Authorization
    • protected endpoint (e.g. verify valid session)
    • protected resolvers (e.g. e.g. session-based, role-based)
    • protected routes (e.g. session-based, role-based)
  • performance optimizations
    • example of using Facebook's dataloader
  • E2E testing


  • git clone
  • cd fullstack-apollo-react-native-boilerplate
  • npm install
  • npm start
  • launch emulator from metro bundler

See Server Installation instructions in the other GitHub repository.

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