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Telegram Tip Bot

Supported cryptocurrencies


  • help - Shows the help message
  • game - Play 👻 Haunted Tower and win rewards
  • rain - Tip the users active on the channel
  • tip - Tip the user with the specified amount
  • tipbalance - Shows your balance
  • wallet - Shows your WEBD wallet for deposits and withdrawals
  • setwallet - Set the WEBD wallet that you are using for deposits and withdrawals
  • deposit - Deposit funds to your account from the wallet you set
  • withdraw - Withdraw funds from your account to the wallet you set or a WEBD adress
  • transactions - Shows the transactions for your account
  • fees - Shows the fees
  • price - Shows the price and volume for WEBD
  • staking - Shows the staking rewards received
  • system - Private and hidden command. Only admin can call it
  • stats - Bot statistics
  • scoreboard - Top 10 tippers (only public tips are counted)
  • topup - Buy WEBD with your card or PayPal
  • tutorial - How to use WebDollar in the browser
  • lottery - Shows information about the current round
  • lotterytickets - Shows the tickets for the current round
  • lotterydeposit - Move funds to lottery balance
  • lotterywithdraw - Move funds to balance
  • lotteryfaq - Most common questions about the lottery
  • lotteryhistory - Shows the last 10 rounds


npm run install

Load .env file

export $(cat .env | xargs)

Start bot

node bot

Start app (bot + API)

node app

Docker image


sls deploy