Runge-Kutta integration of ordinary differential equations with Perl 6
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Runge-Kutta integration for systems of ordinary, linear differential equations.

WARNING: this module is not yet thoroughly tested. Use it at your own risk. Bug reports, tests and patches are welcome!

Let's say you have a differential equation for the function f(t), with the equation

df/dt = f(t)^2 + t

and the initial value f(t=0) = 1;

In the context of this module, we call df/dt the "derivative", t the "parameter"

You'd solve that numerically with this Perl 6 code:

use Math::RungeKutta;

# function that calculates the derivative that
# Math::RungeKutta will integrate
sub d($t, @values) { @values[0]**2 + $t}

# that's a function that gets called with the
# current values after each integration step
sub callback($t, @values) { say "$t @values[0]" };

my @initial = 1;


And then look at the result:

$ PERL6LIB=lib perl6 | xmgrace -nxy -

The interfaces is inspired by Perl 5 module Math::RungeKutta, to be found at

Build Status

Build Status


This module is licensed under the Artistic License version 2.0.

Its accompanying tests and examples are public domain, as defined by the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.