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RxViz simply visualizes a given Observable. Your JavaScript code will be evaluated, and, if the last expression is an Observable, a nice animated visualization will appear.

You can also:

  • Control the speed of the animation by modifying the Time window input.
  • Copy the resulting SVG to include in your next Rx presentation.
  • Share the visualization with your friends.


Basic interval


Random error


Higher order Observable


Pause and resume


How does it work?

RxViz treats the evaluated Observable as a black box. We rely only on the fact that Observable emits values over time. RxViz doesn't rely on the internals of RxJS. This will allow us to visualize TC39 Observables in the future.

Technically, we subscribe to the given Observable, and, once a value is observed, we simply add it to the visualization. It's that simple!

How about higher order Observables?

No different. Since a higher order Observable is simply an Observable whose values are Observables themselves, we just repeat the process recursively.

When an Observable value is seen, we subscribe to it. At this point, we create a new "branch" in the visualization.


Running locally

npm install
npm run dev