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The SAUCE project in its current form (as it exists in this repository) is deprecated and unmaintained.

No Maintenance Intended

SAUCE - System for AUtomated Code Evaluation

A language-independent, web-based automated assessment tool for programming assignments in practical programming courses within academic environments like universities and schools.

This software project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3 (AGPL-3.0). You find a copy of that license in the file LICENSE.txt.

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For installation instructions, see INSTALL.rst.

Demo instance

If you want to try out SAUCE without setting up your own instance, you can access the demo instance at

Every newly set up instance has some dummy data which includes several users and a sample event called Programming 101 - Demo.

You can log in for different user roles using the following credentials:

Role Username Password What's special to see with this role?
Teacher (responsible for an event - creating sheets, assignments, tests, lessons, tutors, students, etc.) teacher1, (teacher2) teachpass The event administration page at /events/demo/admin and the lesson submission page at /events/demo/lessons/1/submissions and the judgement pages for the submissions.
Tutor (responsible for a single lesson of an event) tutor1, (tutor2) tutorpass The lesson submission page at /events/demo/lessons/2/submissions and the judgement pages for the submissions. Also, the similarity page for an assignment would be very interesting.
Various Students in different teams and lessons and events studenta1, studenta2, studenta3, studentb1, studentb2, studentc1, studentc2, studentd1, studentd2, studentd3, studente1 studentpass The user profile page, where you can see your own and your team members' submissions at /user