A collection of peer-to-peer decentralized projects.
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P2P Projects List

A collection of peer-to-peer decentralized projects. Please send me a pull request with your project!

More project can be found here: https://www.gnunet.org/links/

This list is published under GNU GPLv3.




Platforms & Frameworks


Data Transfer & Streamming


In Progress..


  • ZeroNet Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network.

  • I2P It's similar to Freenet, GNUnet and Tor.

  • Aether Anonymous reddit without servers.

  • Plume Plume is a 100% client-side blogging platform, built using Solid standards

  • Cimba Client-Integrated Micro-Blogging Architecture application.

  • twister P2P microblogging platform.

  • Project Maelstrom Web browser for torrents.

  • Freenet Decentralized websites network.

  • YaCy P2P search engine.

  • Loklak P2P Decentralized Twitter and Micromessage harvester


  • Retroshare Secure sharing software for messages, forums and chats.

  • Bitmessage Send encrypted messages to another person or to many subscribers.

  • Ring P2P Secure(end-to-end encryption) & crossplatform open-source instant messaging and video conference.

  • Tox P2P Secure(end-to-end encryption) & crossplatform open-source instant messaging and video conference.

  • Riot Distributed(Matrix.org network), Secure(end-to-end encryption) & crossplatform open-source instant messaging and video conference

  • Bleep Fun & safe messaging app for private conversations.

  • Classified-Ads Server-less program for internet communications, including public and private messages.

  • Orbit Distributed, serverless chat application on IPFS.

  • Diaspora Distributed social network, Diaspora consists of a group of independently owned nodes (called pods)

Platforms & Frameworks

  • ethereum Blockchain-based virtual machine and Web 3.0 platform.

  • Blockstack Decentralized application platform with DNS, identity, authentication, storage and a web browser

  • Factom Decentralized data layer for the blockchain.

  • Crypti Building decentralized applications platform.

  • WebRTC Provide browsers and mobile applications real-time P2P communication.

  • telehash Encrypted mesh protocol.

  • Meshnet Decentralized secure network.

  • Matrix Open network for secure, decentralized communication.

  • GNUnet Secure framework for peer-to-peer networking.

  • PeerSim A Peer-to-Peer Simulator.

  • Mediachain A decentralized, open, programmable media library.

  • RemoteLib Convert JavaScript code to a remote service.


  • Bitcoin Innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

  • LaZooz A decentralized Uber app.

  • OpenBazaar P2P marketplace for goods and services using Bitcoin.

  • CoinAwesome P2P platform for tipping on all of the web's sites.

  • Weifund Decentralised crowdfunding built on Etherum

Data Transfer & Streamming

  • PeerCDN A peer-to-peer CDN, using only JavaScript!

  • Tribler Search and download files anonymously.

  • BitTorrent File sharing protocol.

  • GitTorrent Peer-to-peer network of Git repositories being shared over BitTorrent.

  • WebTorrent Streaming torrent client for node & the browser.


  • IPFS P2P file system protocol.

  • Storj Decentralized cloud storage.

  • Tahoe-LAFS Decentralized secure filesystem.

  • Sia Enterprise-Grade Collaborative Cloud for Data Storage.

  • Sync Fast, private file sharing for teams and individuals.

  • Syncthing Private sync & file sharing for your files.

  • Librevault Open source zero-knowledge P2P file sync.

In Progress..

Here we put all the amazing projects without any working prototype yet...

  • MaidSAFE A decentralised, end-to-end encrypted Internet.

  • Synereo Fully decentralized and distributed social platform.