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Dr.Riptide - DOS game reverse engineered, tools
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mapfile anatomy by srtuss.txt

Dr. Riptide Dissected

Tool produced during reverse engineering the DOS game "In Search of Dr.Riptide".


  • load game DAT file
  • display/play assets of DAT file:
    • animated sprites (L)
    • maps with entity indicators and special positions (M)
    • images (PCX)
    • game music using Adlib/CMF player by srtuss (CMF)
    • sound fx (VOC)
    • texts (TXT)
  • display map palette inclusive palette rotation
  • display tile set of a map
  • list of all entities of a map
  • list of all triggers/special positions of a map
  • edit all assets (hex-editor) and save changes back to DAT
  • export all raw assets to a directory
  • export all/single sprites/images as animated GIF/PNG


The game and formats were reverse engineered by srtuss and movAX13h in february 2018. The map file format was reverse engineered by srtuss. Some information necessary for a remake of the game is hardcoded in the exe.



HexBox (.NET Forms Control)



Zoomable, background tiles, entities and triggers: image

Entites/shootables of a map: image

Tiles of a map: image

Special positions of a map: image

Palette with realtime display of palette rotation of a map (not animated in the screenshot): image

Image viewer (PCX)


Sprite viewer

Click through frames of a sprite animation, export to animated GIF or static PNG: image

HEX-Editor for all assets

Saves changes back to the DAT file for low-level editing image

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