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Added FENNEC_19_0b2_RELEASE FENNEC_19_0b2_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset…

… default. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release
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1 parent 4d14ffa commit f2889c07819eba3422dd8bdedc1694770eecd94b ffxbld committed Jan 16, 2013
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2 .hgtags
@@ -885,3 +885,5 @@ c0c187f0b8e88585fd890ea695e91018b58f2c2c FIREFOX_17_0_2esr_BUILD3
7a20875dfb3e14fcbf60131906011adf34559acd FIREFOX_19_0b1_RELEASE
bffbc0bf551ea81e22a843cdbfb4825faba9dbec FIREFOX_19_0b1_RELEASE
bffbc0bf551ea81e22a843cdbfb4825faba9dbec FIREFOX_19_0b1_BUILD3
+9555adc60ae6f486e46703dbf5d2bad3341b0bc8 FENNEC_19_0b2_RELEASE
+9555adc60ae6f486e46703dbf5d2bad3341b0bc8 FENNEC_19_0b2_BUILD1

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